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Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Sun Aug 18 16:21:03 EST 2002

Re-cap; new assembled CPU, have no yet got past BIOS.

	Ok "you' all's" "input" is helping! Please read *Sophie's
text below* I think she is on the right track... a conflict. But read
on and give some Ideas

So Far, I switched Keyboards, that worked to get me into the BIOS!!!!
( As a long time Macintosh user "delete" is the "back space" key.
There-in lies some confusion.)

	Prior to the below bios message it says "Set 1,2,3,4, <0>,
<1>, <2>, <3>" that *seems* correct if I want a software raid??
	Next on/in setting up the bios I set CD-ROM as primary..no
joy yet,,, even switched Mandrake boot CD to CDRW, no difference.
Message from BOIS:
	"The PnP system BIOS installs Si1 0680 devices as;
	Maxtor 6l060J3	577259	as	80h
	Maxtor 6l060J3	577259	as	81h
	Maxtor 6l060J3	577259	as	82h
	Maxtor 6l060J3	577259	as	83h"
	****This is where it just sits and waits flashing the curser****

	Previously it (the bios) combined them automatically and
totaled the 4 drives into one. I changed that. Dave suggested a
software raid so I erased the combined configuration. Do I have a
choice of software or Hardware raid while using the PCI board? Maybe
that should have been left alone?

	Yes The *ide* for the 4 drives is on PCI. As yet I do not
know what PCI IDE  controller it is.

	I left the Motherboard, Primary, for the CD-ROM (Master) &
(Slave) CDRW. They are jumpered correctly and are now recognized by
biosŠ a step in the right direction!

BIOS; AMIBIOS 02/06/02

Maybe there are jumper setting in the PCI as yet unnamed IDE card?

OR should I switch the connection of the CD's to the secondary 40 pin
position on the mother board?

	OK I have faith WE can fix this Thanks.


>On Sun, Aug/18/02 02:58:31PM +1000, Jenn Vesperman wrote:
>>  On Sun, 2002-08-18 at 13:23, Andrew wrote:
>>  >	At power up the screen checks the bios for the vid card,
>>  > memory the says press F8 or Del. for set up. I do and it seems to
>>  > continue on and go to raid set-up on its own.
>Odd. Who makes your bios? (Award, AMI etc)
>>  > ..lists the four drives
>>  > and "says SiI striped set ### and lists the correct combined drive
>>  > size, then and thenn... stops with a square flashing prompt------
>>  This doesn't feel right to me.
>Me either - what raid controller is it?
>Is the raid controller on the motherboard or a PCI card?
>>  It shouldn't be trying to boot at all at this point, not if you've
>>  pressed the button for setup.
>>  >	I wonder if it is a matter of pressing F8 fast enough? I am
>>  > going to try that one more time tonight.
>I think it's probbaly not a matter of speed :)
>Remove the raid controller (if it's a PCI card), or disable it with
>a jumper (if it's on the motherboard - your manual will point you at
>the right jumper), and see if you can enter the bios setup.
>>  >	Thank You, it is encouraging to have help, and it would be
>  > > very nice if I did not need to take this to the computer shop to
>  > > figure it out. This could be especially true if they install a
>  > > floppy, which I might try on tomorrow(Sunday) if we run out of ideas
>>  > here.
>I dont see how installing a floppy would help - it sounds like
>things are getting confused elsewhere. My guess is that the raid
>controller's bios is conflicting with the interupt for accessing the
>keyboard, which is also being watched by the motherboard's bios.
>(that's a guess :)
>Good luck!
>- sophie
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