[Techtalk] Wireless Network Problem. HELP!!! (please?)

Tabatha Persad tabatha3 at attbi.com
Sat Aug 17 13:55:15 EST 2002

On Sat, 2002-08-17 at 13:30, E. Sterling Wall wrote:
> 	R* is a Netgear MR314 Router/Switch/Wireless Access point. It is
> serving basically as the hub for the Office #1 network and is just fine
> as far as that goes. W* is a Netgear ME201 Wireless Access point which
> cannot talk to the R* at all except via a hard-wire. (Ummm... so what's
> the point of a wireless network if you need wires to make it work?)
> 	Somehow, by a miracle apparently, I had this set up working for about
> 12 hours when I first installed all the hardware. But then it
> spontaneously died. When I couldn't get it all working again, I called
> Netgear who swear that the MR314 cannot talk to other wireless access
> points at all, has no bridging, and can only connect to wireless cards
> or hard-wired other devices. So, whatever happened the first day did not
> in fact really happen, it is all a figment of my (and everyone else in
> the office) imagination. They suggest that I get a second ME201 and have
> our existing ME201 (W*) connect to the MR314 (R*) by a hard-wire and
> then put the second ME201 (W*2) in the other office. 

Hi Elizabeth,

I spoke to my knowledgeable sweetie who tells me that there is a
possibility that when it was working, maybe it was bouncing off walls or
windows.  Was the computer that worked in a certain place, and then

We tried to look up the specs on both the MR314 and the ME201.  We could
only find one reference to the ME201 in Germany on Google, so I don't
know anything about that one.  The specs at Netgear for the 314 didn't
tell me quite enough unfortunately. 

> |                           |
> |     Office #2             |
> |_W*2_______________________|     
>      ^^^    |___________________<--Wall that transmissions _________
>    Windows  |                       won't go through
>           > |
>           > |W*      Office #1
>  Garden   > | }wired connection
>   Area    > |R*
>             |
> I'm a bit nervous now, though. I've already wasted hours and hours on
> this really annoying network and I'd like to just get it finished. Does
> this new set up look to you like it should work? Do any of you have any
> advice and/or caveats about this set up? 

Well, it's a shame that you can't drill a hole at the bottom of the wall
and wire into Office 2.  I know THAT would work! :)

The access points in scenario 1 would have to be able to relay/bridge
through the antennas between the 201 and 314.  I wish I could have found
some info on that ME201 about it, but clearly the 314 can't do that.

But it sounds to me like Netgear is trying to say that by wiring the 201
to the 314, the wired connection there will allow both the two 201's in
scenario 2 to speak, so it's worth a shot.  That should allow the
wireless access points to communicate with one another.

Given your understandable frustration, I sure hope everything works out
okay for you!

Tabatha Persad
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