[Techtalk] Debian and sources

Kathryn Andersen kat_lists at katspace.com
Thu Aug 15 21:39:48 EST 2002

This is something I suspect there is an answer to that I've forgotten...
Is there a way to compile a Debian package from source (using apt-get
source) and change the package version somehow so that it won't get
clobbered by the same-version package when one next does an
"apt-get upgrade", but without having to put the package on hold?
Because I *do* want to get the newer version of a package if the
upstream version has changed.
I have a vague feeling that there's some file that one can tweak in the
downloaded source directory which will do this, but I don't know where,
and I don't know what command one uses to then make the package
(I've just done "apt-get --compile source" before, which does it all in
one step.)

Kathryn Andersen
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