[Techtalk] file transfer between Windows and Linux

Dave North dave at timocharis.com
Wed Aug 14 18:54:25 EST 2002

> I've found the HOWTO about using the serial ports and a
> null modem cable to transfer files between Windows and
> Linux.

I can think of two right off the bat; the problem is I haven't done either
in a loooong time, so they're just 'ideas' rather than complete
	However, they both devolve to the same basic idea, and make the
same assumption: that you have modems in the machines.
	You can (a) set up the linux box as a ppp server and log into it
from the window box, using just a phone cord between the modems.
	You can (b) set up either box (depending on preference) as a
"bulletin board" and log in from the other. There used to be very easily
configurable packages for either OS, depending on your familiarity and
	If no modems, well, garsh!


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