[Techtalk] apache sed compile error.

Jen B jenb at sdf.lonestar.org
Wed Aug 14 19:31:33 EST 2002

Hey folks,

I'm trying to build apache-1.3.26 on an
x86 machine running Turbolinux Workstation 7.0 (Monza)

very little on this box has been installed or upgraded

here's my compile output:

[root at ghost_082202 apache_1.3.26]# ./configure
Configuring for Apache, Version 1.3.26
 + Warning: Configuring Apache with default settings.
 + This is probably not what you really want.
 + Please read the README.configure and INSTALL files
 + first or at least run './configure --help' for
 + a compact summary of available options.
 + using installation path layout: Apache (config.layout)
Creating Makefile
sed: -e expression #46, char 48: Unknown option to 's'
Creating Configuration.apaci in src
Creating Makefile in src
 + configured for Linux platform
 + setting C compiler to gcc
 + setting C pre-processor to gcc -E
 + checking for system header files
 + adding selected modules
 + using builtin Expat
 + checking sizeof various data types
 + doing sanity check on compiler and options
Creating Makefile in src/support
Creating Makefile in src/regex
Creating Makefile in src/os/unix
Creating Makefile in src/ap
Creating Makefile in src/main
Creating Makefile in src/lib/expat-lite
Creating Makefile in src/modules/standard
[root at ghost_082202 apache_1.3.26]# make
make: *** No targets.  Stop.

it looks like there's something up with sed.
through use of gratuitous echo tags I've isolated the
particular (and lengthy) statement using sed from
the configure script:

echo "line 1307"

sed <Makefile.tmpl >$mkf \
-e "s%@PERL@%$PERL%g" \
-e "s%@TAR@%$TAR%g" \
-e "s%@TAROPT@%$TAROPT%g" \
-e "s%@SRC@%$src%g" \
-e "s%@MKF@%$mkf%g" \
-e "s%@AUX@%$aux%g" \
-e "s%@TARGET@%$thetarget%g" \
-e "s%@IFLAGS_PROGRAM@%$iflags_program%g" \
-e "s%@IFLAGS_CORE@%$iflags_core%g" \
-e "s%@IFLAGS_DSO@%$iflags_dso%g" \
-e "s%@IFLAGS_SCRIPT@%$iflags_script%g" \
-e "s%@IFLAGS_DATA@%$iflags_data%g" \
-e "s%@prefix@%$prefix%g" \
-e "s%@exec_prefix@%$exec_prefix%g" \
-e "s%@bindir@%$bindir%g" \
-e "s%@sbindir@%$sbindir%g" \
-e "s%@libexecdir@%$libexecdir%g" \
-e "s%@libexecdir_relative@%$libexecdir_relative%g" \
-e "s%@mandir@%$mandir%g" \
-e "s%@sysconfdir@%$sysconfdir%g" \
-e "s%@datadir@%$datadir%g" \
-e "s%@iconsdir@%$iconsdir%g" \
-e "s%@htdocsdir@%$htdocsdir%g" \
-e "s%@manualdir@%$manualdir%g" \
-e "s%@cgidir@%$cgidir%g" \
-e "s%@localstatedir@%$localstatedir%g" \
-e "s%@includedir@%$includedir%g" \
-e "s%@runtimedir@%$runtimedir%g" \
-e "s%@logfiledir@%$logfiledir%g" \
-e "s%@proxycachedir@%$proxycachedir%g" \
-e "s%@suexec@%$suexec%g" \
-e "s%@suexec_caller@%$suexec_caller%g" \
-e "s%@suexec_docroot@%$suexec_docroot%g" \
-e "s%@suexec_logexec@%$suexec_logexec%g" \
-e "s%@suexec_userdir@%$suexec_userdir%g" \
-e "s%@suexec_uidmin@%$suexec_uidmin%g" \
-e "s%@suexec_gidmin@%$suexec_gidmin%g" \
-e "s%@suexec_safepath@%$suexec_safepath%g" \
-e "s%@suexec_umask@%$suexec_umask%g" \
-e "s%@ssl@%$ssl%g" \
-e "s%@conf_user@%$conf_user%g" \
-e "s%@conf_group@%$conf_group%g" \
-e "s%@conf_port@%$conf_port%g" \
-e "s%@conf_port_ssl@%$conf_port_ssl%g" \
-e "s%@conf_serveradmin@%$conf_serveradmin%g" \
-e "s%@conf_servername@%$conf_servername%g" \
-e "s%@build_support@%$build_support%g" \
-e "s%@install_support@%$install_support%g" \
-e "s%@clean_support@%$clean_support%g" \
-e "s%@distclean_support@%$distclean_support%g" \
-e "s%@SHELL@%$SHELL%g"

echo "line 1363"


I've built apache on this distro one other time, and did not run into
this. I 'googled' the error string and got some references from the
debian bugtracking system without any details as to how the bug was
resolved. The other returns were in German.

Can anyone shed some light? Let me know if there is more info
I can provide.



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jenb at sdf.lonestar.org
jen at bitchoperatorfromhell.com
jen at sedition.org

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