[Techtalk] GREAT "doz"THREAD and Mac move

Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Tue Aug 13 17:38:03 EST 2002

Hi All,
	I want to go to Mandrake full time in a few weeks.
	It was fun reading all the reasons people might need windowz 
and the later posts debunking that theory in most cases.
	 I have always used a Mac and love it. The learning curve to 
Linux is almost straight up from Macintosh OS land, many people here 
have provided a rope up. Mac's simply cost to much for my current 
budget. (I just bought my daughter a horse... UGH!) Last fall I added 
a netatalk server and am pleased at how well it runs. It appears I 
will need to run the Mac for wysiwyg web design and when I can't 
figure out something in gimp, Photoshop, but little else. PageMaker 
skills will need some changing.
	My scanner, photo printer and several older SCSI devices will 
stay with the Mac. For the Linux box, an IDE 133 4 drive raid seems 
to be fast enough and the AMD 1.8 processor is light years ahead in 
power than my old original PPC.

	At this time I seek some general comments and suggestions on 
issues that may crop up.
	I want to go to Mandrake full time in a few weeks. I want to 
move the two monitors I now enjoy on my Mac 7100 to the PC/Linux I 
have a two nvidia video cards (Vanta and a tnt2).
	* What am it in for, as far as dual monitor set up, and 
should I go with/consider a commercial package?
	*One of my favorite packages for the Mac is 
Spellchecker"SpellCatcher" it works in almost all programs and 
includes my own odd words and names. Is a package or method of set up 
available that does that?
	*another favorite is adding text like my email, address. 
Phone number to any text "space" just by Quickeys, a macro program. 
is there a simple way to do this.
	I am sure there will be other questions, Several times in the 
past I have asked questions after doing something and found from the 
list it could have been done easier faster etc., if another path had 
been chosen. So I am asking in advance.


	    Have a nice Day!,

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