[Techtalk] Microscope

Beth Johnson linux.chick at verizon.net
Tue Aug 13 08:31:19 EST 2002

Someone a few days ago responded to my post about the music drives that
mysteriously got wiped, to ask me about Microscope.  Sorry, but I've
been very busy and can't find the post to respond to now!

Microscope is a utility that you can boot into instead of the installed
OS to let you thoroughly test out the hardware in a system.  No, it's
not free but it is very good.  You can reset hard drive parameters, look
at the actual data in the blocks, run read and write tests over all or a
portion of the disks, test buses and ports.

I have no relationship with the company except buying their products,

They also have a POST card that is much more helpful than BIOS beeps.

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