Update Re: [Issues] Re: [Techtalk] Four speaker support with Soundblaster cards

Syleniel grrliegeek at elenari.net
Mon Aug 12 17:23:25 EST 2002

On Thursday 01 August 2002 05:42 pm, Syleniel wrote:
> Well, I have a 5 speaker setup with a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card (bought
> in my pre-Linux days). Of course in my Windoze side, I get nice sound to
> all 5 speakers, but in Linux sound only goes to the second pair (I don't
> know why not the first). I'll try alsa and see what happens from there.

ALSA was a no-go. I tried installing alsa 0.9.0rc2 (compiled from tarball) and 
have had no success getting it to run. It apparently installed OK, no errors. 
However, when I ran alsamixer I received the error:
mixer: Mixer attach default error: No such file or directory

I had to uninstall the modules to get sound to work at all again. I had 
Googled & looked through Howto's but couldn't find a solution. I'm on the 
alsa-user mailing list, and have posted my problem there. I'll have to put 
the report on ALSA & 4 speakers on hold until (and if) I can get ALSA 


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