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Tabatha Persad tabatha3 at attbi.com
Sun Aug 11 14:11:07 EST 2002

Hi Kai,

Quanta Plus does support configuring key bindings in the settings. 
There are already some created for you, but they are changeable if
you're used to certain keyboard shortcuts already.  Pretty much
everything you see that can be accessed by an icon or a drop down menu
can have a keyboard shortcut configured for it.

There is also a section for configuring "actions".  It looks like you
can define and configure the behavior of the tags as well.

I double checked and it looks like you can configure keyboard shortcuts
for the commands you mentioned.

Hope that helps!

On Sun, 2002-08-11 at 16:57, Kai MacTane wrote:
> At 8/11/02 11:06 AM , caitlynmaire at earthlink.net wrote:
> > > 4)Home Site.  I have learned to get used to the auto-completion for
> > > the tags as I type them and that really speeds me up.
> >
> >The closest things are Bluefish and Quanta Plus.  No autocompletion of
> >tags (at least not yet), but a single click on an icon can produce the
> >complete tags.
> Can it do it from a keystroke instead of a mouse click? I'm a real keyboard 
> kind of guy.
> While we're at it, can you edit which keystrokes insert which tags? And 
> will it insert the tag around already-selected text?
> In general, keystroke shortcut support is what I really want out of 
> anything I'm working with. (Okay, image-editing programs are an exception. 
> With those, I *know* the mouse will be needed.) But, on my Windows desktop, 
> I'm *constantly* using keystroke shortcuts, and making good use of the fact 
> that many of them are stable from one application to another. For example, 
> Alt-F4 will exit any application. Ctrl-F4 will close the active 
> document/window in any application. Ctrl-Tab will cycle through active 
> windows in an app, or through tabs in a dialog box. Shift-F10 will open the 
> context menu for whatever item is currently highlighted. Ctrl-Esc pulls up 
> the "Start" menu. Alt-Spacebar gives me a system menu on any application, 
> and Alt-hyphen gives me the system menu on a window within an app. (And 
> those, in turn, give the ability to resize, move, maximize or minimize apps 
> and windows. So, if I want to minimize an app, all I need to do is type 
> Alt-Spacebar, n -- presto!)
> I'll admit, I haven't spent much time working with any Linux windowing 
> system. And I know that there are editable keymaps for them. But do they 
> include the ability to assign keys for events like the ones I've listed above?
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