[Techtalk] "I need to use Windows because ..."

Kai MacTane kmactane at GothPunk.com
Sun Aug 11 13:26:20 EST 2002

At 8/11/02 05:36 AM , Beth Johnson wrote:
>We were all happily sharing music in our own house (5 node network) for
>several months.  One morning the music wasn't there.  Not only not
>there, but the disks, both of them, were completely wiped clean.
>The scary thing is, that is what the music industry wants to be given
>permission to do, except I think they'd put some code on your disk to
>taunt you after they'd wiped it.

Was there any evidence that it was an intrusion? (Whether by the RIAA or 
someone else?) Or could it have been some kind of drive controller error? 
(Seems unlikely.)

>He put them all back in as MP3s instead of wmp and is using MusicMatch

Did you ever figure out what had gone wrong?

Our house also has an MP3 server; it's a Linux machine running Samba. 
Everyone can just point their WinAmps at the (rather large) shared 
directory and stream the music direct over the LAN.

No troubles yet, except when a drive gave out from age.

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