[Techtalk] Which Distro? (was Re: "I need to use Windows because ...")

Kai MacTane kmactane at GothPunk.com
Sun Aug 11 13:14:01 EST 2002

At 8/11/02 03:37 AM , Scott wrote:
>On Sat, 2002-08-10 at 23:35, Kai MacTane wrote:
> > What do you mean, "does not allow you to compile by default"? Do you just
> > mean that it doesn't install gcc/make/etc. unless you specifically ask 
> it to?
>Meaning that during install you choose a full development environment,
>but after the system is up you go to run make and you get the error that
>it can not create executables.

Yuck! I think I quit using Mandrake just in time. A nifty penguin logo when 
you go to log in on the console is *not* worth all the extra hassles.

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