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Megan Golding meggolding at
Fri Aug 9 12:20:38 EST 2002

--- Dave North <dave at> wrote:
> Scott:
> > Is anyone on the list doing PHP development?
> Now and again.

Me, too. Right now, I'm maintaining a corporate site with PHP scripts
that handle includes and form processing. I hope to expand out and do
a little database/PHP work. 

> > I am trying to work on some template libraries to make web page
> development
> > a breeze for not only myself but anyone else who wants it.

That sounds awesome! My emphasis in web dev has been separating
presentation from content in an interesting way. I create HTML
"shell" pages that contain the look-and-feel and content pages that
get included in the shells.

My latest attempt has me editing page content in a Wiki (see for an example of Wiki), exporting to HTML, and
including in the shell pages. (Chides self for not getting this
written up.)

I'd love to see some of your ideas!


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