[Techtalk] Website Building Program For Dummies

Dave North dave at timocharis.com
Fri Aug 9 11:49:12 EST 2002

> Is anyone on the list doing PHP development?

Now and again.

>  If so, what are you using?

A text editor. If I have to do some messy tables, I'll set it up in moz
composer nowadays. My choice of text editors is more or less random, based
on mood and how much I have to do.
	I hear, however, there are some php-specific tools that I really
should get around to looking at.
	One is: http://www.ekenberg.se/php/ide/
	And if you don't mind tossing (eventually) some money at some good
folks, you might look at:

> I am trying to work on some template libraries to make web page development
> a breeze for not only myself but anyone else who wants it.

Good idea. That's another thing that probably is out there somewhere that
I don't know about. Would like to hear both about what you find and what
you do...

> I have this bad (hangs head in shame) of using Home Site and Photoshop to
> do web development.  Need to break that habit.

Have you tried Gimp? After getting over 'the shock of the new' I actually
found it easier to use than Pshop -- for preparing web stuff, especially.


> -Scott
> At 05:58 PM 8/7/2002 -0700, Dave North wrote:
> >Char*
> > > Doesn't Netscape for linux have a component for this sort of thing?
> >
> >Yup, but you're better off with Mozilla, I think. For one thing, it's more
> >up-to-date (netscape doesn't have Moz 1.0 incorporated yet -- as far as I
> >know -- and who needs AIM?
> >
> >Megan:
> > > 2. Play around with Bluefish
> >
> >Works fine for me!
> >
> >/dev:
> > > you might also be interested in looking at Mozilla Composer
> >
> >My current favorite. The little ragged points are not enough to drive me
> >away from the outstanding source generated.
> >         That would be the first place to start, I think, if what you want
> >is a short, sweet learning curve.
> >
> >
> >d
> >
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