[Techtalk] Window manager help!!

mc mcgonzalez at worldnet.att.net
Fri Aug 9 07:09:41 EST 2002

At 03:50 AM 8/8/2002, hobbit at aloss.ukuu.org.uk wrote:

>"seem to have lost"?
>If you have no titlebars and edges to your windows, you probably
>have no window manager. If you have titlebars and edges, you have
>one: you just have to work out which :) "ps aux" will tell you
>everything running, but it's gigantic. You usually have to do
>"ps aux | grep thing-to-look-for" and see whether it shows up.
>"pstree" is also handy if you have it: it's a tree and you can
>scroll up and down it. That should at least tell you what's
>Your sawfish preferences will be in ~/.sawfish/ or ~/.sawfishrc.
>I don't use sawfish, so I forget. You could make a copy of that
>somewhere safe.
>The control-center program (gnomecc on RH 7.3 I think: it's
>changed for later versions of Gnome) should let you change
>window managers, but I always crash it repeatedly whilst
>doing this. Try a couple of times.
>If that doesn't work, make sure you know exactly where the sawfish
>binary lives. Find out what window manager you're running now.
>Get mouse focus on a gnome-terminal. And kill the current window
>manager and type "sawfish" or "/usr/bin/sawfish" or whatever in
>the window. Sawfish _should_ start.
>If a big "warning, you are about to kill" dialogue pops up in
>twm (or whatever) and switches your focus or obscures the
>terminal you're typing in, you may have more trouble typing in
>the terminal, which is why I mention focus :)
>But that should work. Then you want to save the session, either
>via the control-centre or the quit-Gnome dialogue (I forget
>where it is on RH) or just by typing "save-session" into a
>In theory you'll get it starting the next time you start Gnome
>then, too. Let us know if it works.

I apologize to Telsa for sending my reply yesterday to her and not the 
list.  Lack of morning caffeine is my only excuse :)

When I started up the laptop I was able to run the sawfish command, save 
the session and all is again well!  Thanks!


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