[Techtalk] Window manager help!!

mc mcgonzalez at worldnet.att.net
Wed Aug 7 20:04:59 EST 2002

Hi all!  I have been lurking for quite a while here, and have learned a 
lot, thanks for that!!

Now I need a bit of help.  For some reason tonight, both my Linux machines 
(Dell inspiron laptop running RH7.1 and home built PC running RH 7.3) have 
decided to go kerblooey on me.

The symptoms on both were sort of the same, though were they ended up was 
different.  Basically the mouse went crazy, clicking things as I moved it, 
opening and closing things.  On the PC, I just reinstalled RH 7.3 (it was 
only a week old and not yet totally set up)

On the laptop, I tried to fix it and killed it even more.  I somehow seem 
to have lost sawfish.  I guess I figured the mouse thing was WM related so 
I tried changing to tvm.  When I tried to change back, I couldn't (and 
still can't get sawfish back.

Is there a conf file somewhere that I can set sawfish to work again?  I had 
it pretty nicely customized to my needs :)

The second question is why is the mouse still kerblooey on the PC, even 
after the reinstall of RH?  I tried both generic 3 button and Microsoft 
intellimouse (it is an MS trackball).  The intellimouse was working quite 
well prior to tonight.

I am really steamed cause I am actually working right now and having to use 
the Windows machine to work!

many heartfelt thanks in advance!!!

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