[Techtalk] ISA PNP modem help

Akkana akkana at shallowsky.com
Tue Aug 6 12:16:28 EST 2002

caitlynmaire at earthlink.net writes:
> I do know about setserial, but I have to somehow know which serial port
> they are assigned to in order to use that, or worse, I need to know how
> to assign them to a given port and memory address range.  My Google
> searches haven't helped.  The ISA PNP how-to I read is very informative
> for the 2.2 kernel.  

When I last set up an ISA modem, I ran the probe program (isapnpconf?)
which created a file in /etc that had a choice of several different
com ports and IRQs, and I then had to edit that file and choose one
of the ports (and leave the rest commented out).  I never saw any
good documentation on how to choose one over the another, so I just
picked one and tested whether it worked, and if it didn't, comment
that one out and uncomment the next one.  So the serial port chosen
depends on what /etc/isapnp.conf (or something like that) does.

I had a US Robotics -- don't remember the model #, but I chose it
from the linux-compatible modem database at

wvdialconf is also very helpful in locating modems and figuring out
which serial port they use.  It doesn't work with winmodems because
it only probes normal serial ports, but it should work for ISA modems
like you have.

Sorry for the lack of specifics -- I don't have a system with an ISA
modem any more, but apropos isapnp will probably point you to man
pages that will help.


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