[Techtalk] hello, anyone out there

Sam Bradshaw sbradshaw at runbox.com
Fri Aug 2 11:38:34 EST 2002

Hi, my name is Sam, I am a fairly experienced NT/Novell user. I have been
working in IT for a few years and have mainly been involved in Network
Admin, DB admin, routers, firewalls, that type of thing.

I just installed my first version of Linux Mandrake 8.0 and have a very
uncomfortable feeling like I am a complete dummy.

Is this what "normal" users feel like when they use their "windows pc"??
Maybe I have more sympathy now.

Anyway, I don't know anything obviously and am helpless.

Here are a few of my questions:

1) On boot-up the default is to go to Linux, how do I change this?
2) I just bought a USB mouse and a USB keyboard (paid a lot), I love this
new equipment as it is sleek and silver -- but now I can't use Linux at all
anymore! I don't want two sets of keyboards and mice.
3) I am pretty concerned with privacy because people are always trying to
hack into my computer (for several reasons), what is a good firewall
software to install for Linux.
4) I don't know how to install anything! The look and feel that I picked for
Linux mandrake does not include Netscape but some other junk browser, how do
I actually install the Netscape browser.
5)I need some good "office type" software that will be somewhat compatible
with word, etc.. what do I do?

I want to try to move to Linux, but right now all I am having is

Any help would be appreciated immensely.



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