[Techtalk] arp

coldfire rolick571 at duq.edu
Tue Oct 30 15:27:26 EST 2001

> Yeah, I guessed that much.  What I don't know is its exact semantics.  Does
> it proxy arp entries on that device out to the other devices on the system?
> Or does it do the reverse and proxy arp entries on the other devices to this
> device?
> Or does it do something completely different?

let's say you have two networks .. network 1 and network 2 .. we'll say
host A exists on network 1, host B on both network 1 and network 2 (via
two interfaces) and host C exists on network 2.  when host A attempts to
contact host C which resides on a different physical network, host B will
respond to the ARP request from host A for host C and in turn will recieve
the ethernet frame destined for host C.  host B can then forward the
packet from host A to host C and host C will never know it's on a seperate


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