[Techtalk] RH 7.2/KDE

Telsa Gwynne hobbit at aloss.ukuu.org.uk
Mon Oct 29 18:38:29 EST 2001

On Mon, Oct 29, 2001 at 11:43:37AM -0500 or thereabouts, Raven Brooke wrote:
> I have recently installed Red Hat 7.2 on a few machines, and am having a 
> problem with KDE on just _one_ of them. I have tried swapping between 
> three different videocards, and reinstalled with one of them to no avail. 
> The problem is as follows: when starting x, the startup icons on the 
> splashscreen happily flash until the "window manager" one is reached, then 
> the machine locks up hard. I mean ctr-alt-backspace wont kill x and I have 
> to actually powercycle the machine. I have no trouble launching gnome, 

I'm more used to GNOME, but my first questions are the same:

Are you logging in via kdm (or gdm) or at the console and then 
invoking X with startx? Just to get an idea of how stuck you are :)

And more importantly, is this happening with all users or just one? 

If just one, I would suspect something either in /tmp or in your 
KDE dotfiles. rm -r .kde/ (or whatever) is one option but really 
too drastic, since moving it somewhere else has the same effect. 
And if you can then run KDE as that user, you can move bits back 
one at a time until you find the offending file and narrow it down.

When GNOME starts mucking about for people, I have seen people 
fix it by nuking things like sockets in /tmp/.ICE-unix or other
files in /tmp (particularly the esd ones, which I gather is not
a KDE problem :)). If the first suggestion doesn't work, that 
might prove a possibility? 

> Also, I am currently logging in with a username different from the one my 
> ISP uses for my primary email; anyone know how I might configure pine to 
> let me choose my "From" identity on outgoing mail? I prefer to use pine 
> rather than a gui mail client, as it enables me to check my mail from an 
> ssh shell from anywhere.

<plug>Mutt will let you do this -- and has Pine bindings</plug>

Isn't this what pine's 'roles' are for? I've never used it so I
don't know a lot about them.


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