[Techtalk] Buying a machine without Windows

Kai MacTane kmactane at GothPunk.com
Mon Oct 29 01:34:45 EST 2001

At 10/28/01 08:40 PM , Akkana wrote:
>So I want to buy a new system, and I DON'T want any money to go
>to Redmond for it.  Preinstalled Linux is optional; I'd be willing
>to pay a little extra to encourage it, but I don't need it and I'm
>not willing to pay double the price of a Windows machine (I don't
>want to reward usury, nor do I want to pay that much).

If you have the skills to build your own machine from disparate parts, I 
highly recommend it. It's fun, it gives you a better knowledge of your own 
system, and it keeps your skills sharp. Plus, you can price-shop for the 
components *you* need and want, and customize the machine to your own needs 
and desires. Don't want to deal with IDE drives? Great! Just go and build 
yourself a SCSI system. Don't care if the video card has more than 4MB of 
memory on it, but you want a really kick-ass sound card? Grab the parts and 
plug 'em in!

But then, I'm pretty comfortable with x86 hardware. I understand that not 
everyone can go this route, nor is it appropriate or the easiest thing even 
for those that theoretically could. But I wanted to throw it into the 

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