[Techtalk] Buying a machine without Windows

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Sun Oct 28 22:17:58 EST 2001

> Anyone have any favorite Linux-friendly vendors (or at least one who
> doesn't force Windows down your throat)?  Or, is anyone still doing
> the "We don't need YOUR OS" Windows rebate protests?
> I'm in the bay area, but could mail order if necessary.

I have had a lot of good experience with Dell, but it's hard to find any
pre-loaded linux systems. I wonder if you called them you could have them
*not* install an OS? I don't handle the purchasing in my office so I
couldn't tell you how it goes.

I remember Dell saying they were dropping pre-loaded linux on laptops and
desktops, but you should still be able to get it on workstations. 

OH OH OH I found them! The Precision PCs have linux options. They are


Click on "customize it" and then click on the "linux OS" tab.

It was nice to buy their linux-happy PCs for work because there were no
risks with the hardware. We dual boot with windows on our workstations but
we have the default RedHat 7.x install on 3 high-end workstation-class
machines and it works fine. I have debian installed on every desktop with
no issues.

Anyway, that's my dell push. I have had zero hardware or software problems
with them and I am really pleased they offer linux options.

Other choices...

HP has "workstations" with linux:


I have no experience with HP PCs, but I have had good experience with
their warranty services on server components.

Past that, there are some linux-specific vendors and the eternal
"build-your-own" solution.


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