[Techtalk] more sendmail

Michelle Murrain tech at murrain.net
Tue Oct 23 08:34:17 EST 2001

At 12:21 AM 10/23/2001, wolf wrote:
>I have sendmail finally sending and receiving except with one glitch : )
>any mail that comes into the server it attaches
>my domain to the end of the email address, for example
>wolf at wolfrising.net lands in my in box as
>wolf at wolfrising.net.saintwolf.org.  anyone with any ideas as to what
>I've messed up here and how to go about fixing
>it ? : )

Somehow (and it's hard for me to say how, since I don't know your setup), 
the host name in sendmail does not match the hostname defined on the 
system. Are you using virtual hosts (ie - are saintwolf.org and 
wolfrising.net the same box)?


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