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> I decided that I would partition my iMac at work to allow one partition
> OS 9 and the other for Mandrake.  When I put the installer in, immediately
> get an error message Wrong partition 1 signature.  I am able to continue
> with the installation, but when it is time to install the bootloader, the
> Mac partition isn't offered in the dropdown list of partitions.  No matter
> where I try to install the Y, it will not let me and gives back an error,
> which I am not going to try to install Linux again to obtain.  The gist of
> it is that it is not a Mac partition so cannot be written to.  Has anyone
> successfully installed Mandrake on such a configuration?  Thanks in
> to anyone who might have an answer.
> Ellie

What bootloader are you trying to use with your iMac?  Can you sucessfully
install Mandrake, and still boot into MAC/OS?  If you can you might want to
try to setup yaboot/ybin.  Detailed information on this can be found at:


Personally I dont use a Mac.  But I find http://www.penguinppc.org/ has alot
of useful information.

Good Luck!

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