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Sat Oct 13 10:26:48 EST 2001

David Merrill wrote:

> On Fri, Oct 12, 2001 at 05:07:18AM -0400, Kath wrote:
>> That reminds me of something I've been pondering out... Linuxchix should do
>> a howto/help series... but really basic stuff.
> Anything that any writes, I would love to publish on the LDP. We can
> always use more good articles. Although in some cases it might be
> better to work on and improve an existing HOWTO if it is just lacking
> some information.
> </shameless self promotion>

Perhaps it would be better for LinuxChix to improve on the existing
body of 'really basic stuff', and link to it, rather than try to
create an additional set.

OTOH: I do NOT want to discourage anyone from writing it, and I'd be
happy to be a store for such articles.. supplementary to the LDP. (IE,
I'd encourage the author to ALSO submit them to the LDP).

(Which reminds me of another task I've been putting off. David, I 
haven't forgotten the 'Jenn's Guides', I've just been busy)

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