[Techtalk] procmail & mutt

wildgrass wildgrass at postone.com
Fri Oct 12 06:58:02 EST 2001

Dear all,
   I am tinkering with mutt & procmail on this RH7.1 machine at home, trying
to get procmail to work.

I have downloaded the experiments.rc from the procmail FAQ and tested
that my recipes work, but nothing seems to be happening when I use mutt :
the procmaillog is zero bytes and my mail doesn't get filtered anywhere.
I double-checked the path in .procmailrc for formail and it is correct.

I read that in RH the system looks for a .procmailrc in the home directory 
automatically so I don't need  a .forward.

I use G in mutt to retrieve mail from my pop server (with the pop_host, pop_
user, pop_pass set in the .muttrc).

I suppose I must be missing something, or my understanding of how things
work is wrong.

Help, anyone?
It would be most appreciated.


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