[Techtalk] kernel upgrades

Glen Strom gstrom at primus.ca
Thu Oct 11 13:01:21 EST 2001

On 11 Oct 2001, at 9:28, Rebecca J. Walter wrote:

> I just installed a new kernel yesterday for my laptop.  It is SuSE
> though.

My question may not be kernel-related...then again, maybe it is.

I'm running SuSE 7.1. When I boot up, the Lilo splash screen 
shows me the following options:

Linux is the default. Of course, I know what the windows and 
memtest entries are for, but I've never been able to find out what 
the suse entry is, or how it differs from the linux entry. Does 
anyone know?

(No, I've never tried booting the suse entry. I don't like to try things 
that have an unknown result.)


Glen Strom
gstrom at primus.ca

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