[Techtalk] Afghan women

Lorry fish at slava.net
Tue Oct 9 08:58:13 EST 2001

Email petitions do not work.  Consider a normal (paper) petition -- you
do not sign it, Xerox it 100 times, and then hand the copies off.  Your
name ends up on millions of petitions, so there are
the petition than DISTINCT names on the petition.  When you deliver the
petition to whoever gets it, they will know this.  They will disregard
the entire thing because, though they may have gotten thousands of
emails with 500 names on them (or whatever that particular petition says
to do) there are really only a handful (comparitively) of names on it.
To save your time and bandwidth, use an online petition system like
http://www.petitiononline.com or email an address we can all write
letters to.


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