[Techtalk] AisleRiot

Rebecca J. Walter rjp at mail.tele.dk
Tue Oct 9 21:58:14 EST 2001

On Tue, 2001-10-09 at 21:54, Sunnanvind Briling Fenderson wrote:
> What happened to AisleRiot? Why did it disappear? I still have the
> game (through debian), but I can't find any information about it
> anywhere. Even though I've got a general dislike for computer
> solitaire (get a real deck of cards), I digged AisleRiot's way of
> scheme-based cards. Just like Microsoft Windows included solitaire for
> the main reason to make people practise the use of a mouse, I figured
> AisleRiot was a gnome way of teaching scheme.

Where and how did you have it disappear?  Ximian GNOME still includes

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