[Techtalk] US of A, Yep... and more rambling

Caitlyn M. Martin caitlynmaire at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 7 10:56:12 EST 2001

Hi, Keith, and everyone else,

> Hello to the list, Keith here in the Depths of the Great Bergen Swamp in
> western NY state...
> Yes Kai, there are others on the List that are in the good ole' US of A

...and I honestly believe (and hope) the majority of us are women.  We are
still the target audience, methinks :)
> no Africans that I have noted, same with South America 

There was a South African woman who posted at one time, but it's been quite a
while.  I think we've had at least one post from Brazil once upon a time as
> I have to admit that I am a lurker here on the list.  My Linux machine is
> still on the shelf with a 2-year old distro in the box, not installed
> yet. 

I suspect the words "two year old distro" are the problem.  Try a current
distro and you will find it easier to install than Windows.  In particular, I'd
recommend Mandrake Linux 8.1 or RedHat Linux 7.2 for ease of installation. 
Mandrake is probably a bit more desktop-centric and newbie friendly.
> I'll get a Linux box running before we reach Mars (I hope) and until then
> I'll collect all of the tips and tricks of the trade that I can. 

Why wait?  Surely you can afford a couple of hours (max, and that assumes an
old, slow box) to get it running.

> My
> brother runs Linux boxes at the National Weather Service and is overjoyed
> with their stability and functionality.  I am trying to convince him to
> get his Amateur Radio license and he's trying to convince me to get the
> Linux Box on-line...

Did you know that there is native support *in the Linux kernel* for AX.25
(packet radio) and rose? (OK, you need to recompile the kernel to turn it on,
but it is there.) Did you know that there is great Linux software for
everything from PSK31 to satellite tracking to logging?  All of it is free. 
Linux is a ham radio op's dream OS.  You really should try it.  I have a
portable digital station consisting of a Tokyo Hy-Power HT-750 (6, 15, and 40
meter sideband and morse handheld radio), a Toshiba Libretto running Red Hat
Linux 7.1 with appropriate software, and a RigBlaster interface.

73 (which means "Best Regards"),

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