[Techtalk] mac os x

Cliff Crawford cjc26 at cornell.edu
Sat Oct 6 12:45:51 EST 2001

* Wolf Rising <wolf at wolfrising.net> menulis:
> well since so many seemed to have at least tried mac os x, could someone 
> perhaps tell me how to set up a hosts file in os x so that the computer 
> I have running it will recognize the other computers on my network by 
> name? I had no problem with this in
> red hat 7.1 and no problem at all with any macs using 9.2 or under, but 
> I can't seem
> to get a handle on it in os x.

OS X uses NetInfo to handle stuff like hosts files (something it
inherited from NeXTSTEP).  You should be able to add hosts by starting
up the NetInfo Manager (under /Applications/Utilities) and duplicating
one of the entries under the "machines" directory, changing the values
for the properties (ip_address and name) as appropriate.

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