[Techtalk] mac os x

Cliff Crawford cjc26 at cornell.edu
Thu Oct 4 19:13:38 EST 2001

* Walt <pippin at fred.net> menulis:
> You can enable root access (and have to) to
> be able to do much from the command line.

Actually, it does come with sudo, which you can use instead of su'ing to
root.  (But it can be annoying to have to type "sudo" over and over
again if you have lots of rootly things to do..)

> I
> was hoping to be able to compile samba on
> the beast, but could not get it to work
> before I needed my mac functionality back.

The 10.1 update comes with samba already installed.

> I had trouble compiling other software as well,
> but I saw tips that I had not tried that might've
> made things easier. (ln -s cc gcc, and others)

Another one is to pass the flag --traditional-cpp to cc, this gets
around Apple's hacked version of cpp interpreting your source code in
funny ways. :)  But usually if whatever you're compiling uses
autoconf it'll work just fine.

Btw, I'm typing this from a powerbook running 10.1, so if anybody has
any other questions feel free to ask me :)

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