[Techtalk] mac os x

Walt pippin at fred.net
Thu Oct 4 17:56:14 EST 2001

Well, from my limited point of view/experience
OS X was a pain. It will run *most* mac apps
if you start Mac OS Classic on top of OS X,
but I still had trouble connecting to standard
appletalk printers and my linux server running
netatalk. I tried Thursby's MacNFS which also
worked very poorly.

You can enable root access (and have to) to
be able to do much from the command line. I
was hoping to be able to compile samba on
the beast, but could not get it to work
before I needed my mac functionality back.
I had trouble compiling other software as well,
but I saw tips that I had not tried that might've
made things easier. (ln -s cc gcc, and others)

This was OS X very shortly after it came out.
I'm sure things have improved, but I haven't
tried it recently, so I don't know how much.



At 05:37 PM 10/4/01 -0400, you wrote:
>is any one here who's into linux, tried mac os x yet? and if so any
>thoughts on how linux-like it is or isn't ?


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