[Techtalk] Help, I'm confused

pmurphre at indiana.edu pmurphre at indiana.edu
Thu Oct 4 05:56:44 EST 2001


OK, I'm attempting to install Corel's WordPerfect for Linux.  In the
readme file for the installation, the following statement appears,
following instructions to unzip and untar the appropriate files, which
I have managed to do--

"Note: In order for the GUI interface to work, your display
environment must be set correctly."

Then, the ever so helpful document states

"The Runme script must operate within the /bin/sh environment"

Am I correct in assuming that these two items are related?  If so,
what does this indicate that I should do on the command line?  I ask
because I have probably spent at least 8 hours trying various
solutions, only to inevitably end up with a situation where the Runme
script will activate and then be unable to locate any of the files
necessary to perform the installation.  As I have untarred and
unzipped the files and placed them in a directory (as instructed by
the ever-so-helpful (heavy sarcasm) installation guide), I can't
understand why the Runme script cannot seem to locate them.  

I don't think I am a stupid person, but I am starting to have grave
doubts about my decision to switch to Linux, since I can't even manage
to install a simple program.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you.


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