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Claudine Chionh claudine at replicant.apana.org.au
Wed Oct 3 14:58:54 EST 2001

On Wed, 3 Oct 2001, Natural Justice Is Blind (tara?) wrote:

> I have found my local LUG website to be extremely helpful.  I would
> never had known about the group if a friend hadn't told me about it.
> However, when I went to my first meeting, it was a bit disconcerting
> to be the only woman there and to have been asked a number of
> times if I was in the correct place.

OUCH!  I'm probably sheltered, because I've never had that sort of
experience in any computer users' environment.  There is a tiny
minority of women in my local LUG (Linux Users of Victoria) but
that kind of attitude just doesn't seem possible amongst the members
I know.  (Maybe any misogynists there are just don't feel comfortable
expressing their views.)

Was the friend who told you about the LUG a member?  Could they have
come along?  I went to my first meeting with a friend who'd been a
member for a few months.  Knowing just one person there can help you
feel less intimidated, make it easier to meet other people etc.

> Also, when I saw that linuxchix
> had local groups, I immediately emailed the local contact.  I've yet
> to hear back.

Who is this?  Someone on the list might know whether this person is
still involved in Linuxchix.

Anyway, welcome to linuxchix, and I hope you're not too discouraged
from attending more meetings of your local group.  At least linuxchix
is here to help as well.

Followups may be more appropriate on the grrltalk list.


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