[Techtalk] Vim, mutt, and terminals

ktb x.y.f at home.com
Mon Oct 1 14:11:12 EST 2001

On Mon, Oct 01, 2001 at 03:00:28PM -0400, Raven, corporate courtesan wrote:
> Heya --
> 	Not *strictly* Linux, but it is a Unix question, so I'm hoping against hope that this is something that they have in common.  [grin]  Fairly recently, I had to reinstall a server of mine.  It used to be Mandrake 7.1, and now it's FreeBSD 4.3.  I use Mutt as my mail client, with vim as the editor.  Some of my correspondents have complained that my mail is now comprised of really, really long lines, and they have to scroll right endlessly in order to read what I'm sending them.
> 	While I recognize that indeed, I am typing in really long lines, I would think that a decent mail client would be able to insert newlines at the appropriate places.  After all, I haven't had to deliberately press "Return" at the end of every line since I stopped using typewriters.  It seems to be happening for people using Outlook, mostly.

I set up a vim config file for writing mail I source it from ~/.muttrc
with the following -
set editor = "/usr/bin/vim -u ~/.mutt_vimrc"

I place the following line in ~/.mutt_vimrc to set character width -
set textwidth=72

> 	Also, Mandrake had some sort of terminal settings where when you did an ls, anything with the executable bit set showed up in blue, regular files showed up in green, symlinks in yellow, etc.  Anyone know how that was done?

I'm not sure about freebsd but look into "dircolors" 

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