[Techtalk] Web Logging - Logging individual accounts

jennyw jennyw at dangerousideas.com
Sat Nov 24 10:25:17 EST 2001

You could write a perl script to extract all info from the log into a
separate log file and run webalizer, awstats, or whatever on that. You could
setup a cron file to run it every once in a while ...

For example:

usage: extract directory logfile newlogfile

for example, extract "\/\~username" /logdir/domain-access.log


($directory, $logfile, $newlogfile) = @ARGV;
open (LOG, $logfile);
open (LOG2, ">$newlogfile");
while (<LOG>) {
  if (/$directory/) {
    print LOG2 $_;
close LOG;
close LOG2;


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> I was wondering if anyone knew of a web logging system that would log an
> individuals personal account for example. domain.com/~username . Does
> anyone know of a system that would log individual accounts and store the
> results in a usage folder in their home directory or something to that
> affect. I was looking into webalizer but it looks like it doesnt do that.
> - Leslie
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