[Techtalk] BSD/Linux - firewall questions

chris qvigstad chrisq at online.no
Fri Nov 23 18:52:41 EST 2001

On Fri, 2001-11-23 at 16:38, Michelle Murrain wrote:

> I'm likely getting a Fractional T1 in the next couple of months - and it 
> provides an opportunity for me to totally re-work my network. Right now, I 
> have a router/nat box attached to my cable-modem, and a (against policy) 
> web server off of that, running IPchains and snort.
> So - my plan is to create a DMZ, with 2 firewall boxes  - and the question 
> is, should I go Linux, BSD? And is a 486 truly enough to do the trick?
> I've never used any BSD ('cept Mac OS X - but I haven't really gotten into 
> it much), although I keep hearing how secure it is. But I know Linux well, 
> and if I can make Linux as secure as BSD, which I suspect I can, I'd rather 
> go that route.
> .Michelle

If you know Linux well you should go with linux
There's no reason why you can't make linux as secure as the BSDs.
The exploits we hear about sometimes are rarely in the kernel or
firewalling software.
The bsds are good though, you might want to look into them for other
reasons, or just to get familiar with new free OSes.


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