[Techtalk] Power consumption

Walt pippin at fred.net
Thu Nov 22 15:39:43 EST 2001

Glenda R. Snodgrass wrote:
>So what did you learn about the savings of the flat-panel monitors? I sure
>do want one. :))

Management laughed. :-)

In our area, at $.06 / kw it would take
around 9-10 years to make up a $300
cost difference.

My manager agreed to pay me the energy
cost savings if I would buy the screens.
Hah hah. However if your energy costs are
closer to jennyw's, your payoff could be in
three years or less. Which may make more
sense also because the lifespan of a LCD is
longer than a CRT. (50000 hours vs. 3-5
years (the latter is from my experience; the
former from vendor's documentation.))

Also, this doesn't include the energy lost in
the summer due to extra air conditioning to
offset the heat produced by CRTs. We have
to run the A/C sometimes in the winter here
as well. Additionally if you're in a warmer
climate and don't have the heat requirement
offset in the winter, the savings could be
greater yet.

fwiw! :-)



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