[Techtalk] Power consumption (was Server was broken into ...)

Walt pippin at fred.net
Wed Nov 21 19:35:11 EST 2001

jennyw wrote:
>* Why a SonicWall instead of a Linux firewall? One issue with running a
>firewall at home is the cost of electricity.  For example, I had two
>firewall computers, and if they each pulled 100W, that's about $30/month in
>electricity. Plus whatever's needed for the Web/mail servers. Of course, if
>there are low-power consumption distributions of linux firewalls (running
>off a floppy and CD-ROM, for example), I'd love to hear about them!

Last night I was discussing power consumption
with my brother (an electronics. tech) (we were
trying to convince management that flat-panels
were worth the extra cost in power savings.)
and learned some interesting things.

200W = c. $30 /mo? Hrrm... What's your
cost for power there? Here it's about
$.06 / kw/h and in Philly it's about $.08.

24x7x30 = 720 hours per month
200w = .2 kw
cost = kw x time x rate
.2 x 720 x .08 = $11.52/mo

Anyway! :-) Thought it was a wierd coincidence
that you mentioned power stuff the day after
I learn about it.



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