[Techtalk] Qmail configuration and setup :)

Amanda C. Clift Amanda.Clift at firstring.com
Wed Nov 21 19:07:51 EST 2001

   Well the setup and configuration seemed to have gone better than I
thought it was going to.  Only one minor migraine to speak of. :P
Anyway, there's only one problem currently.  
   I can send email out.  I just can't seem to recieve email in. I
thought I followed all the instructions on the Install document provided
with Qmail.
also, (and I know someone will kill me Ims ure about this)- I want to
use pineon it as my email reader.  Is that a tarball somewhere? or is it
just something thats already installed with the kernal?
     Thanks again everyone!  and Happy Thanksgiving!

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