[Techtalk] Allow all relays through sendmail

jenn at simegen.com jenn at simegen.com
Tue Nov 20 10:59:29 EST 2001

Jennifer Evans wrote:

> Do you know
> how I would set up for all emails to be able to relay through?

I don't know how, but I just checked the list and someone else 
has given a more technical answer.

What I do know is that I -wouldn't-. set it up for anyone to relay
through. That's called an 'open relay' and it WOULD be found by 
spammers and you WOULD wind up with spammers using you as a redirection.
With all the attendant headaches that causes - and your machine put
on the open relay blocklists.

That said,  it's your choice. :)

A suggestion instead: if they're using dynamic IPs, allow their
hostnames and the -range- of IPs they can be assigned.

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