[Techtalk] Best components for a new Linux box? (was: Buildin g boxen)

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I have a 3Com and an SMC etherpower II in the same box working fine with RH
7.1, both were picked up by the os, no muss, no fuss. 
SMC's are fairly standard as are 3com cards, and you should not have too
much trouble with either of those manufacturers

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>>>Ethernet cards are the biggest problem.  My husband just went
>>>through a 2-day ordeal trying to get a new network card (because I
>>>swiped our last spare for my new box).  
>>I've not had problems with Linksys in the past.
> What's a "Linksys"?  

Linksys is a manufacturer, like NetGear or Intel (also discussed).  My 
pick has always been 3Com.  The 3C905 series have worked great, and 
Becker's drivers in linux have always come through for me.  I would 
avoid the on-board NICs; I've had problems with packet loss in linux 
with any of the on-board Intel NICs I've used.  The 3Com's also work in 
Windows environments without a hitch (I've got a few dual-boot

> As for NetGear, so long as there is only one NIC in the machine
> the NetGear NICs I've used have worked well.  But add a second
> NIC and forget it.

Again, not to sound like a sales rep, but I've configured dual or more 
3Com NICS in Linux and WindowsNT without issue.

Good luck,

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