[Techtalk] Fractional T1?

Michelle Murrain tech at murrain.net
Sun Nov 18 10:48:06 EST 2001

At 06:11 PM 11/16/2001, Glenda R. Snodgrass wrote:
> > What routers have people used? How much do they cost? Can you set up a
> > Linux box as a router for this kind of purpose? Is it a good idea?
>Yes, we use a Linux box as a router for our T1 from UUnet.  We put a
>Sangoma WANPipe card in an old 486 nearly 2 years ago (rather than buying
>a CSU/DSU) and it's humming along just perfectly.
>We've also set up T1s with various models of Cisco routers over the past 6
>years -- very pricey but excellent tech support.  I think you can get
>combo units from Cisco that do it all but it's been a couple years since
>I've looked at that kind of hardware so I'm not sure exactly what they
>offer nowadays.

I'm a bit confused as to how this is going to work. They provide this box - 
which they say acts like a CSU/DSU - it's a Cisco 3180 access concentrator. 
They suggest buying a (pricey) Cisco 1751 router, which does way more than 
I'm interested in (voice/fax/data integration, VPN, etc.)

It seems logical to me that I could easily replace the 1751 router with a 
linux box. In order to replace the CSU/DSU I'd have to get a WAN pipe card? 
What does that do? Are there other manufacturers?

Any good place for docs? I looked through the how-to index, and didn't see 
anything that popped out to me as applicable to this stuff.



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