[Techtalk] problems configuring apache virtual hosts

Amanda C. Clift Amanda.Clift at firstring.com
Tue Nov 13 19:11:26 EST 2001

Okay, Im getting more used to this everyday, thanks to everyone's help.
However, I'm now trying to configure virtual hosts, and I'm having a bit
of a problem.

I'm using linuxconf in a shell to configure it,and it looks like its
doing it right..However, when i try to see my virtual hosts, it can't
find them.
*note for some reason the other guy's Pc has a nice gui for his apache
setup.. mine doesnt..*
I tried looking on Apache's site for how to configure it, but it was
highly confusing.  When it asks for a virtual host name, I'm giving the
IP I want it to look for, and then it'll ask for the server name,and
I'll just put something Imade up, like cheese.org or something.. If I
use the IP, I get to it, (it gives me a forbidden error though, which
wil be my next thing to check into), but if I use the www.cheese.tld
that I hvave set up, it says Unknown Host...  anyone able to help me
with this?  Is it just because I used a bogus ending, like tld?


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