[Techtalk] Best components for a new Linux box? (was: Building boxen)

Laurel Fan laurel at freeshell.org
Wed Nov 14 00:08:34 EST 2001

On Wed, Nov 14, 2001 at 08:45:14AM +1100, Mary Gardiner wrote:
> As far as processor power goes, I'm running a 533 MHz Intel Celeron with
> 128MB of RAM. This processor speed, which is now well below what you can
> get if you are buying a new chip, is absolutely fine, but people running
> Ximian GNOME have told me that 256MB of RAM wouldn't be a bad idea for

I'd recommend at least 256M of RAM simply because it's so inexpensive;
256M is a bit less than $30 for my machine at crucial.com (PC100
SDRAM).  A lot of stuff you might run on a desktop unix box will run
better with a lot of memory (mozilla, complicated desktop
environments, complicated games, X, etc).  Window managers with
multiple/virtual desktop support also tend to make me leave lots of
windows open.  aterm is pretty resonable with its memory usage, but 17
of them do add up.

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