[Techtalk] Debian v. Slackware

Leslie leslie at freakybutt.net
Tue Nov 6 23:03:59 EST 2001

I have always used Slackware since I started using Linux. I have 
tried Debian and didn't like it much at all. I was looking for the 
article you are talkin about but I am unable to find it. I 
personally feel that Slackware is a god compared to Debian, but that 
is my own opinion I know that alot of people would probably 
disagree. Do you by chance have the link to the article I would be 
interested in taking a look at it.

- Leslie

> I have thought a bit about posting this for fear it may be 
considered a
> troll.  I am posting more or less in response to the story on 
Slashdot a
> few days ago discussing the possibility of Slackware being on its
> deathbed.
> I've been using Slackware since I started using Linux 2 years ago 
and I
> love it to bits.  There was a bit of time where I used Mandrake 
but gave
> it up for being to convoluted.  I just didn't like Redhat.  
Caldera didn't
> like my video card and I couldn't get Debian or FreeBSD to install.
> Am I missing anything?  I like the idea of Debian, using only GPL
> software, but if what was being discussed has a shred of truth, 
then I
> either have to get very good at updating packages rather than 
waiting for
> a new distribution, or finding a healthier (economically) distro.
> Jenn
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