[Techtalk] Freaking out (newbie letter)

Michelle Murrain tech at murrain.net
Mon Nov 5 20:28:29 EST 2001

At 06:34 PM 11/5/2001, Amanda C. Clift wrote:

>Maybe this is too much to ask for in as short an amount of time that I
>need it, but I need to know about Apache, setting up several Static IPs
>on one machine, and setting up web pages on these machines.  I'm
>supposed to be able to do this tomrorow night at work.
>You see, I had never even touched a linux box until last week.  (We're
>using Mandrake at work, btw).  The person who was doing the unix/linux
>work quit, leaving a position open.  They are having me and the other
>night guy compete for the position, and giving us these little
>"assignments" for us to do.  This is my assignment.
>Can someone help me with this?  I'd go buy a book, but I don't get off
>work until Midnight.  Grrrrr silly office..
>    Mea (hi everyone!)

This will get you started on IP based virtual hosting. It's not too hard to 
do, but it takes a bit of playing...


Make sure you have all of the hosts IPs in  /etc/hosts, too.


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