[Techtalk] problems when starting kde

Rachel Andrew lists at rachelandrew.co.uk
Mon Nov 5 21:53:22 EST 2001


I've just upgraded my Debian (Potato) installation to Debian (Woody) - 
testing and have pulled in the KDE2.2 packages from Sid which is the 
unstable version.

I can get KDE launched if I say that I have a Cirrus graphics card but it 
will only display at 640x480, I do get an error to do with the mouse 
"Cannot open device /dev/input/mice No such file or directory"

If I go to graphics driver 'Vesa' which is what i used to use with Potato 
and KDE2.1 it starts to load KDE in 800x600 but crashes on loading 
peripherals with the same error message to do with the mouse.

I'm sure this is something terribly simple but I seem to have tried all 
available options in XFree86 to no avail.

Any ideas?



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