[Techtalk] Freaking out (newbie letter)

Amanda C. Clift Amanda.Clift at firstring.com
Mon Nov 5 19:34:07 EST 2001

Maybe this is too much to ask for in as short an amount of time that I
need it, but I need to know about Apache, setting up several Static IPs
on one machine, and setting up web pages on these machines.  I'm
supposed to be able to do this tomrorow night at work.  
You see, I had never even touched a linux box until last week.  (We're
using Mandrake at work, btw).  The person who was doing the unix/linux
work quit, leaving a position open.  They are having me and the other
night guy compete for the position, and giving us these little
"assignments" for us to do.  This is my assignment.  
Can someone help me with this?  I'd go buy a book, but I don't get off
work until Midnight.  Grrrrr silly office..
   Mea (hi everyone!)

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