[Techtalk] Aiee, Kernel Panic! with scsi device

Jeannette jcv at hise.org
Mon Nov 5 16:07:25 EST 2001

I work with a lot of Symbios cards, and a couple Athlons. I can help you
get the right driver and bios, but I haven't seen your error messages, so
I don't know if I can help with them ...

Could you tell me what the actual chip name is? ( written on the chip on
your SCSI card in the form:
Symbios Logic c1995

(I really only need the 53C number))

and, is there a board name (bigger white type on the circuit board:
examples are SYM8751D or SYM8951U)

Also, on the versions of the bios I work with (SDMS V4.0), the last line
of the bios header says PCI-4.18.00. Does your bios have a version number

On Mon, 5 Nov 2001 stephanie1200 at netscape.net wrote:

> No, that's not me being cute, that's the kernelly wernelly being cute.
> I have an athelon box from Penguin with a Symbios scsi host adapter
> (NCR53c7,8xx) with and NCR scsi bios (NCR SDMS V3.0 PCI SCSI bios PCI
> Rev 2.0) which, at one time, worked splendidly with my Yamaha external
> scsi cdrw (CRW8424).

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